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Welcome to Frontier Global Solutions

Do you know U.S. companies can reduce their cost of goods by 10% to 40% on average through global sourcing? Frontier Global Solutions specializes in helping small and medium size companies’ lower product costs by outsourcing projects to factories throughout Asia. Whether you have a new product idea or a current product in the market, FGS can provide a solution to help lower your company’s production costs. We have the experience necessary in design, sourcing, manufacturing and delivery to support your products requirements.

Is Outsource Manufacturing Right For You?


Make of Buy Decision - Companies have countless reasons for outsourcing production, but the main driver behind quantifying outsourcing opportunities is cost reduction. Companies outsource manufacturing to improve their overall cost of goods manufactured. In addition to improving the CGM, businesses can gain a competitive advantage within their respective industry. A make or buy process evaluation will determine if outsourcing will increase efficiencies, speed and lower costs for the business. Advantages of outsourcing include:


  • Cost Savings — Reduction in the cost of goods manufactured and increased cash flow

  • Optimization — Freedom to concentrate on core processes and profitable operations

  • Supply Chain — Category specific supplier selection

  • Innovation — Freedom to focus on the company's core competencies and new product development

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Frontier Global Solutions can support you in bringing your product to the market. Whether you have a new product concept or a current production part, FGS offers manufacturing and strategic sourcing to improve performance and lower your company’s production costs. Our goal is to be a strategic partner to help our customers successfully design, implement, and produce manufactured goods from start to finish.


At FGS, we make the overseas purchasing process more efficient with a goal of lowering your purchasing costs. We source low-cost suppliers throughout Asia. Acting as an external procurement consultant, FGS manages everything from supplier assessments to managing the entire purchasing process. We handle all communications with suppliers. FGS is a wholly-independent company. We work on behalf of our customers, not our suppliers.

From speculation to design, first articles, full production and shipping, Frontier Global Solutions has the right people to support you with every step of your product development process. Contact us now to discover how we can support your next procurement and manufacturing project.

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