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Why Choose Frontier Global Solutions

Frontier Global Solutions is an international procurement and project management company headquartered in the United States with operations in China and Taiwan. FGS specializes in product management solutions for high quality materials manufactured overseas. Our goal is to be a strategic partner to help customers successfully design, implement, and produce manufactured goods from start to finish. We are dedicated to developing quality products and mutually beneficial professional relationships that give every customer the best international experience possible. Areas of expertise include: Machining, Sheet Metal fabrication, Aluminum Die Casting, Aluminum Gravity Casting, Iron Casting, Rotomolding, Injection Molding, Wire Harnesses, Power Cords, and other categories. FGS also provides quality assurance, technical support and logistics services. Our team bolsters a combined 40+ years of sourcing experience.

We source suppliers throughout Asia. Frontier Global Solutions works closely with a large number of well qualified suppliers who are all inspected and approved by us in accordance to our own quality and sourcing guidelines. We have a network of qualified suppliers which provides FGS with access to a variety of suppliers with the capacity to accept all kinds of projects.

Passionate About Building Partnerships

We work tirelessly to earn customer trust to foster long-term partnerships.  We are passionate about providing the highest level of customer service by focusing on what is most important to our customers. High standards in the quality and experience enable FGS to continually raise the bar by delivering the highest quality in products, services, and processes to our customers.

Cradle to Grave

From speculation to design, first articles, full production and shipping, Frontier Global Solutions has the right people to support you with every step of your product development process. Contact us now to discover how we can support your next procurement and manufacturing project.

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