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Warehouse Storage Equipment

The main focus of Frontier Global Solutions is the sourcing and manufacturing of high quality, custom parts and finished products. We pride ourselves on the value that we deliver to our customers with our turnkey solutions. Our manufacturing capabilities will bring your design to reality.

Wire cages, security cages, storage cages, and partitions are manufactured to your design to meet your commercial and industrial applications. Applications include Tool cribs, equipment cages, storage partitions, warehouse security areas, server, and data center cages.

Custom metal pallets are created to your standards. Each pallet is fabricated to the exact specifications of your process or load. Services include laser cutting, CNC punching, forming, rolling, welding, finishing, and other shop services, which produce unique and to-order metal products. Our custom metal fabricators work with a wide array of materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. Available finishes include powder coating, plastic surfacing, industrial grade paint, and rust-inhibiting treatments.

Stacking racks are the most flexible industrial storage racks in the industry. Rather than dedicate floor space to permanent systems and the aisle space necessary to serve the, use portable stack racks to maximize storage density. Portable Stack Racks can be knocked down when not in use. Whether you need to store long, unwieldy materials, such as tubing or piping or large materials like tires or engines, we can manufacture stacking racks for you.

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