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Standard and Custom Store Fixtures

Frontier Global Solutions offers custom store fixtures in a wide variety of sizes, contours, styles, and materials to form the perfect system for your retail environment. FGS responds to designers' and architects' demands and requirements by creating custom retail store fixtures that cater to your business’s unique needs. An attractive and well-designed retail store display will attract more customers and help you to sell more of your product.

We supply the highest quality store fixtures that are limited only by our collective imaginations. Our process begins with a thorough understanding of a retailer's needs to create steel custom shelving units or unique woodworking solutions that are attractive and efficient.

Our factories then manufacture the store fixtures we provide using the highest quality craftsmanship and materials while maintaining cost efficiency. If you’re looking for beautiful and functional custom shelving units for your business, or you're interested in custom retail store fixtures and equipment, contact us today!

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