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Frontier Global Solutions offers comprehensive manufacturing outsourcing and procurement solutions from: design and production feasibility analysis, to manufacturing and shipping. Benefits of outsourcing to Asia include: lower costs of skilled labor access to all-encompassing supply chains and manufacturing which makes manufacturing of complex products more efficient and cost effective.

FGS offers companies substantial experience with conducting business in Asia and an established network of quality manufacturers offering a wide range of services. Our bilingual staff eliminates language barriers and communications issues. FGS effectively communicates our clients technical and quality requirements directly to the manufacturing partner in Asia.

Frontier Global Solutions has supported many US companies with their Asia manufacturing outsourcing needs and have established a network of manufacturers in China enabling us to readily identify reliable partners with the capacity and capabilities to meet your specifications.

If you believe outsourcing a manufacturing project will lower manufacturing costs and improve efficiency, we will be glad to assist you. Contact us now to find out how we can support your next manufacturing project. Services offered include:

  • Supplier assessment

  • Product sourcing

  • Procurement

  • Research and consultation on new or existing products

  • Contract formation and negotiation

  • OEM branding and labeling

  • Quality control

  • Production inspection

  • Pre-shipment inspection

  • Packaging

  • Shipping & logistics

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From speculation to design, first articles, full production and shipping, Frontier Global Solutions has the right people to support you with every step of your product development process. Contact us now to discover how we can support your next procurement and manufacturing project.

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