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Plastic Moulding & Metal Casting Tooling

Frontier Global Solutions offers a variety of Plastic Moulding and Metal Casting services. We have the capability to take our clients product from drawing to production part. Send us something to quote and let us demonstrate what we can do for you. Let us earn your business.

Plastic Moulding Processes:

  • Compression

  • Rotational

  • Injection

  • Vacuum Forming

  • Thermoforming

  • Blow

  • Extrusion

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Metal Casting Processes:

  • Gravity Die

  • Investment

  • Sand

  • Permanent

  • Plaster

  • Resin Shell

  • Forging

Rotomoulding Machine
Injection Mold

From speculation to design, first articles, full production and shipping, Frontier Global Solutions has the right people to support you with every step of your product development process. Contact us now to discover how we can support your next procurement and manufacturing project.

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